Josef Strědula, ČMKOS President

Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,
It is with deepest sorrow we received the unbelievable information on passing away of our dearest friend Matthias Jena.
We knew him as a committed defender of worker´s rights, of well-being not only of your workers but of all of them, as one of the founders of Czech-German trade union relations and our ally in making the EU and the world order to be more just and socially responsible.
Please convey our sincere condolences to his family, to all your colleagues and friends – not only on behalf of myself personally, but on behalf of the whole Czech trade union movement.
We shall certainly miss him. A lot.
We always appreciated his heartful and friendly relations to us and we still cannot believe that he is no more amongst us.
We stand with you in these hard hours.
Sincerely Yours
Josef Strědula, ČMKOS President

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